Lawrson’s Introduction Blog post and Telecom Industry perspective

Hello! My name is Lawrson Pinson! I am currently a mass communications Major at the university of West Georgia. Being a Junior in college, Next year will mark my final year in college I am currently a Freelance photographer at the John Casablanca modeling and Talent Agency. With my photography I hope to one day one up my own studio for both filmmaking and photography. I chose to major in Mass Communications to get a broader education for P.R and marketing.

One recent growing trend I believe to be vital inmost to the current media would be social networking and promotion. In particularly Instagram. Instagram has allowed so many people to gain exposure, fame and even a business success all through the social networking aspect of sharing pictures. With Instagram, people can connect with others from all over the world. Models can gain exposure though photographers, while photographers gain exposure through the models. This also applies to fitness trainers, bloggers and more. Instagram has changed the way people view their success and the way they network overall. With all this being said, Instagram has had a harmful effect on our societies youth. The standard and expectations that are shown on Instagram    have made young people feel pressured to live up to these almost impossible goals and even body expectations. With social media, there must always be moderation and the use of selective mental processing






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